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PO Box 3713

McKinney, TX 75069

Bridges that Unite uses the Bridges Out of Poverty framework for addressing poverty in Collin County. 

What makes us unique is that we are focused on asset-based building solutions for people in poverty. Building relationships with people and working on pathways out of poverty requires time and patience. The result is a collaborative community with a framework that inspires prosperity and stability for all.

Reaching Out to Build Relationships
Among All Economic Classes in Collin County

Bridges that Unite is a non-profit organization whose mission is poverty alleviation though education, coordinating community initiatives, building human capacity, and fostering relationships among all economic classes.


We seek to bring together stakeholders for focused strategies to serve the vulnerable populations of Collin County. The Bridges framework addresses all causes of poverty, calling for change at the individual, institutional, community and policy levels.


Education and resource building are an important component of Bridges that Unite. We partner with individuals working toward self-sufficiency and stability. We also partner with groups for poverty awareness training in several different formats.